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Bar, Bistro, and Pub Tables
is there a difference?

When deciding how to set up your home bar, don't forget to include room for a small pub-style table and stools. The charm and utility of such a set-up will be a rewarding addition to your home bar that will will see constant use and which you and your guests will appreciate for years to come.

A bar-height table just fits so well into the feel of a bar setting, whether at your favorite bistro or bar, or at home. Surrounded by two or four stools, it will be a relaxing and comfortable spot for friends and family members to sit and relax, as they enjoy your bartending efforts, and for you to sit and join them between rounds.

One common question that people who are contemplating adding a table and stool set to their home bar, game room, dining room, or patio, is what, is any, is the real difference between a "bar" table, a "bistro" table, and a "pub" table?

First, there are really only two different styles among these three names, as "pub" and "bistro" tables are interchangeable terms for the same thing. They do, however, differ slightly from a "bar" table. Most importantly, the difference between them really only relates to height.

All of these tables feature small table tops, with much smaller diameters than found in traditional dining tables, or cafe tables. This comes from the origin of such tables, that were originally imports to the US from England, having developed in the small, cramped pubs and bars of the UK.

Pub and bistro tables, according to the standards developed by the United States furniture industry, range from 34" to 36" in height, and are meant to be accompanied by counter-height 24" to 26" stools. Bar tables have their tabletops 40" to 42" high, and are designed to be used with traditional bar height stools, that feature seats that are 28" to 30" off the ground. Thus, "bar" tables are the same height as a bar, or for home bar creators, "bar cabinets", made to be that perfect match for "bar" stools.

While these size standards have developed in the US, they are not reflected across the pond. In England, for example, "pub" tables are not uniformly designed to be bar-stool height, but can be found in a variety of heights, often dining-table height designed to be used with dining chairs rather than stools of any height. Reflecting their past, popular in England's bars and pubs are "Poseur" tables, which are bar tables with very small round tops with little more room upon them than to place only a few glasses and little else.