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The Cocktail Set
composition and function

Everything you need to serve a classically prepared drink to a soiree of friends, relatives, or business associates, with a single purchase! That is what we offer in our selection of Cocktail Sets

A Cocktail Set traditionally includes a set of matching glasses and a large container for either storing or mixing ingredients. Some sets will include a serving tray, and some also include a bar tool or two, such as a stirrer or a muddler. The combination of items is designed for the preparation and presentation of a certain type of drink.

A Whisky Set will generally include a heavy, cut-glass decanter, designed to store Bourbon, Scotch, Brandy, or other spirit, plus two or four glasses designed for drinking the particular spirt for which the decanter is designated. This might be glasses specifically designed to accentuate the enjoyment and aroma of a single malt Scotch, a fine, aged Bourbon, a delicate Brandy or Cognac, or another amber-colored liquor, or a basic all-purpose glass, such as the Double Old Fashioned glass. While a tray is often included, a bar tool is seldom also a component of a Whiskey Set.

The Martini Set, which enjoyed great popularity for many years, traditionally includes a stylish glass pitcher (with a stirrer, usually also of glass) into which ingredients of choice are combined, and several Martini glasses. A basic problem with this traditional set is the fact that seemingly a majority of Martini purists prefer to shake and not stir their Martinis. Martini Sets with shakers rather than pitchers are available, but are not as readily found as the traditional set.

The Martini Set's first cousin, the Vodka Set, has grained much popularity in recent years. It often features a decanter for storing your favorite Vodka, a set of Vodka Shooter-type glasses, and, rather than a tray, a bowl-like "caddy" that is meant to be filled with ice, to keep your decanter and your glasses, all filled with Vodka, icy cold.

Today there are also large numbers of "abbreviated" Cocktail Sets on the market. These are not true "Sets", but while marketed as such, are actually just sets of glasses of a particular type, and include nothing more - no decanter, no pitcher, no shaker, no tray, and no bar tool. They are, in reality, a set of Collins glasses, a set of Margarita glasses, or a set of Mojito glasses, for example, except that many Mojito sets do include a muddler.

By purchasing a Cocktail Set, a home bartender can save money by not having to pay for glasses, trays, pitchers, decanters, and tools all separately, and if a fan of a particular type of drink, he or she can acquire all that is needed to easily prepare that drink, and to serve it in style.

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Marquis by Waterford Vintage Vim & Vigor Shot Chiller

Marquis by Waterford’s Vintage Vim and Vigor Barware Collection is inspired by an homage to old school mixology and the classic era of entertaining, and there is no more inspiring item in the collection than the Vintage Vim & Vigor Shot Chiller that features a stylish stainless steel ice bowl and a half-dozen glasses.


Luigi Bormioli while embracing the glassmaking craft of earlier Italian masters, is at the same time committed to applying modern technology to the ancient art to create
products of strength, crystalline clarity and affordability.

Luigi Bormioli Rossini 3-Piece Bottle and DOF Set

Laser cut rims, thick shams, and the ideal weight highlight Luigi Bormioli’s Rossini 3-Piece Bottle and DOF Set.
  • Dishwasher safe - they will retain ultra-clear brilliance thru 4,000 dishwashing cycles
  • Lead free and Eco-friendly
  • Made in Italy
  • Includes Luigi Bormioli’s 25-year Guarantee against chipping of the rim or foot as well as any discoloration due to automatic dishwashing
$45.00 and Shipping is FREE!

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Ravenscroft Crystal
5-Piece Vodka Set

Ravenscroft Crystal 5-Piece Vodka Set

From Ravenscroft, the Crystal 5-Piece hand-crafted Vodka Set features old world craftsmanship combined with today’s eco-friendly processes to produce a striking barber set.
  • A frosted glaze completes both the stoppered decanter and shot glasses
  • Decanter capacity - 23.5-oz
  • Shot Glasses - 4-oz
$99.99 and Shipping is FREE!

As the dangers of leaded crystal have become known, it is
Ravenscroft Crystal
that has emerged as the world leader in hand-made, pure, clean,
lead-free crystal, producing stylish and elegant, yet affordable glassware.

Ravenscroft Crystal Double Old Fashioned Decanter Set

Ravenscroft’s Lead Free Crystal Double Old Fashioned Decanter Set captures the essence of a traditional round bottle, with a narrow neck and a round stopper, along with matching crystal glasses.
  • Decanter capacity - 34-oz
  • Shot Glasses - 10.5-oz
$99.99 and Shipping is FREE!

Belmont Cocktail Glasses and Ice Bucket Set, Set of 7

Matching glasses and ice always at hand - live right and relax at your home bar with your family and buds without having to run back and forth to the freezer, with the stylish and utilitarian Belmont Cocktail Glasses and Ice Bucket Set.
  • 7 pieces include 6 matching lead-free DOF whiskey glasses and glass ice bucket with plastic tongs
  • Designed with stylish cut with faceted detailing from the base
  • All pieces are dishwasher safe
Compare at $59.00, Our Price $45.95, Limited Time SALE Price, Only $19.95 (subject to change without notice)

Waterford Lismore Diamond Vodka Set with Chill Bowl, Shot Glasses & Silver Insert

The classic elegance of Waterford’s Lismore pattern has been re-invented for today’s tastes, and the Diamond Vodka Set will be the focal point of your home bar for decades.
  • Features intricate diamond cuts rendered in radiant fine crystal
  • Set in a Chill Bowl with Silver Insert, six elegant shot glasses surround bottle of fine vodka - can it get any better?
$595.00 and Shipping is FREE!

Reed & Barton Soho Crystal Decanter & DOF Glass Set

Reed & Barton’s classic Soho Crystal Decanter and Glassware has been a popular inclusion at home bars for many years, and you can quickly catch up to your home bar rivals in a big way, with this all inclusive set of Decanter, four DOG glasses, and black leather serving tray.
  • The square decanter will add a new dimension of taste and aroma to brandy, spirits or fine wine
  • Part of the Soho Crystal Collection, inspired by the creative energy of the New York artist neighborhood, featuring classic brilliant cuts that radiate upward in a subtle, understated pattern
  • Heavy cut lead crystal
  • Decanter: 26-oz capacity
  • DOF Glasses: 12-oz
  • Tray: 15-1/4” x 10-1/8”

Reed & Barton Soho Decanter with Two Brandy Snifters

Also from Reed & Barton's classic Soho Collection, and featuring a Crystal Decanter and Glassware, is the Soho Decanter with Two Brandy Snifters set.
  • Heavy cut lead crystal
  • 10-oz.Decanter Brandy Snifters
  • 24-oz
  • 10-1/2” square leather tray
$141.75 and Shipping is FREE!

Bormioli Rocco Dedalo 7-Piece Whiskey Decanter Set

The seven-Piece Dedalo Whiskey Decanter Set from Bormioli Rocco features a "cracked ice" design:
  • Set includes Six Whiskey Rocks Glasses and Decanter
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Made in Italy
Compare at $18.75, Our Price Only $15.69

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Bormioli Rocco Dedalo 7-Piece Whiskey Decanter Set

Godinger Dublin 8-Piece Crystal Whiskey Decanter Set

Godinger's Dublin 6-Piece Crystal Whiskey Decanter Set features a 24% lead crystal 750-ml decanter cut with a classic Irish diamond and wedge patterning that sparkles luxuriously. Set also includes:
  • Six crystal 8-oz double old fashioned glasses
  • Silver-plated and polished tray
$57.49 and Shipping is FREE!

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Godinger Dublin 8-Piece Crystal Whiskey Decanter Set

Circleware Excalibur 5pc Whiskey Decanter Set

This beautiful Italian-made decanter set features:
  • 35-oz Decanter
  • Four 10-oz Double Old Fashioned glasses
Compare at $79.99, Our Price Only $39.95

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Circleware Excalibur 5pc Whiskey Decanter Set

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