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Glass and Bottle Charms and Markers
in a variety of themes,
and at great, low prices, at!
Identify your glass, bottle or can! These novel charms fit
around the base of your wine glass, or around your beer or soda bottle,
or your beer, soda, juice or energy drink can, to distinguish it from others.
No more confusion!

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Googly Eye Drink Markers

Googly Eye Drink Markers

Never confuse your drink with someone else's and no one else will confuse their's with yours, with the GOOGLY EYE drink markers!
  • Set of Four in obviously divergent, brilliant colors
  • They fit bottles (beer or otherwise), cans (beer, soda, beer, juice, beer, or otherwise), and even over GLASSES!
  • Getcha paws off MY drink! will no longer be a necessary part of your vocabulary