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Wine Enthusiast Vacu Vin Stainless Steel Vacuum Wine Saver

With a simple click, the Vacu Vin stainless steel wine saver extracts air from your open bottle and when the optimum level is reached, it re-seals the bottle with a re-usable rubber stopper.
  • Vacuum slows down the oxidation process so that you can enjoy your wine for days
  • Fits up to a Magnum-sized bottles
  • Includes vacuum pump, two re-usable rubber stoppers and two pourers
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OXO SteeL Vacuum Wine Preserver

This easy-to-use wine preserver from OXO will keep your unfinished bottle fresh, preventing oxidization and preserving flavors and aromas.
  • Ergonomic, contoured neck prevents pinching while pumping
  • Soft, nonslip grips provide a secure grasp
  • Handy push tab that releases the vacuum seal for easy removal

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OXO SteeL Vacuum Wine Preserver

Swissmar Epivac Wine and Champagne Saver Set

Keep open bottles of wine or Champagne fresh for more than a week with Peugeot’s Epivac Wine and Champagne Saver Set.
  • Inventive, dual-action pump removes air from wine bottles and pushes air into Champagne bottles to keep either tasting great.
  • Includes pump, two stoppers for wine and one Champagne stopper

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Swissmar Epivac Wine and Champagne Saver Set

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Rabbit Electric
Wine Preserver

Rabbit Electric Wine Preserver

The Rabbit battery-powered Electric Wine Preserver draws a vacuum of 19hg inside a wine bottle over 10 to 15 seconds, sealing and preserving an opened bottle of wine for up to a week.
  • Designed to fit all bottle types
  • Activates with the push of a button
  • Set includes two (2) wine stoppers and electric vacuum pump
  • Vacuum pump displays a counter showing the time remaining to achieve a proper seal
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Personalized Wine Bottle Stopper

Personalized Wine Bottle Stopper

There will be no mistaking whose bottle of wine belongs to whom, with this elegant 4-1/2" engraved stainless steel bottle stopper.
  • Personalize with your name, initials or favorite phrase
  • Personalize with 2 lines up to 12 characters per line
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Personalized Wine Bottle Stopper

Sea Stones Bottle Stopper with Solo Base

From the sea, after decades, maybe centuries, of waves gently brushing against an extra special stone, this is the beautiful for you, to show off at your home bar.
  • Each stopper is a unique piece
  • The base, made of natural hardwood, with bark, holds the stopper when not in a wine bottle
  • Stoppers feature a solid stainless steel body with a thick rubber plug seal
  • 3.5" high
  • The manufacturer, Sea Stones, LLC, collects stones from private beaches and rivers in New England, and for every stone removed, a new stone, purchased from a quarry, replaces it to harvest under the New England water for future gatherers.