Ghost Ship: The USS North Carolina

The USS North Carolina was the most highly decorated American battleship of World War II, having arrived in the Pacific theater following the attack on Pearl Harbor and then participating in every major naval offensive occurring thereafter, accumulating 15 battle stars. Twice the ship suffered significant damage and loss of life, the first due to a torpedo hit resulting in the deaths of six crew members,
Ghost Ship: The USS North Carolina
and a second strike that killed three additional sailors. The ship was decommissioned in 1947 and it is now moored in North Carolina, where it is a National Historic Landmark and state war memorial. And there is almost universal agreement that the ship is haunted.

Despite the ship's tortured and painful past, and history of violent deaths aboard ship, the bulk of paranormal activity has been benevolent rather than horrifying or especially intimidating. The belief is that there are the spirits of two of the sailors who met their death on board still residing on the ship, and though one spirt basically lurks about quietly, the other does make its presence known.

One of the spirits has been seen on many occasions quietly wandering the corridors of the ship, and has been described as a young man in his late teens or early twenties, with blond hair. It is the second spirit, however, who has attracted the most attention.

This one has been seen peering through various portholes, and has been heard with regularity throughout the ship. Hatches have been opened, doors opened and closed, lights and electrical equipment switched on and off, and some visitors to the ship have reported a
significant drop in temperature when they believed they were in the presence of the spirt. A few have even said that they were yelled at and chased about by the spirit.

A worker once described a late-night event when he was repairing a power box below deck, when he felt a gust of cold air and a hand on his shoulder. He turned to see nothing, but to hear footsteps walking away. He looked around further with a flashlight, and he came upon the figure of a young blond man, and as he saw the flashlight beam pass right through the ghostly figure, the worker yelled, and the figure quickly departed.
Ghost Ship: The USS North Carolina

The ghostly happenings aboard the USS North Carolina attracted the SciFi Network show "Ghost Hunters", who visited the ship in 2005. They were able to document similar happenings: Ghostly voices, loud banging, footsteps, hatchways opening and closing, and a specific event where they noticed a loose bracket hanging from the ceiling move as if hit by someone going by. They followed what appeared to be a shadow through the only door into what proved to be an empty room. The Ghost Hunters were able to report irregular readings on their electronic monitoring equipment, readings they understood to verify the unworldly presence of something other that live human beings.

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