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Halloween Decorations
including skeletons, spiders, witches, ghosts, monsters, pirates, and bats, along with foggers and lighting, serving pieces, door greeters, a wide selection of airblown inflatables, and so much more, for both indoor and outdoor haunting.

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NEW for 2017 On this page, see the Witch Outdoor Scene, Hanging Faceless Reaper w/ Lantern, The Joker Death of the Family Groundbreaker, Three Piece Tombstone Kit, Hanging Reaper with Sickle, 5.5 Ft Broken Spine Girl Animatronics, Five Foot Creepy Rising Doll Animatronics, Hanging Clown Reaper Decoration, 4.5 Foot Animated Hanging Vibrating Shadow Ghost, See-Thru Sindy, Swinging Swamp Hag Animatronics and the Zombie Clown Hanging Head,

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Witch Outdoor Scene

Make yourself at home, said the friendly homeowner to the homeless witch, my house, my yard, my home, is your house, your yard, your home, feel free to set out out caldron and your herb garden, oh, and a nice seat for your kitty! And here it all is, your home (and the home of your new best friend) for this Halloween. Included:
  • Spider Web Decoration
  • Lifesize Animated Witch with Misting Cauldron
  • Witch Spellbook
  • Foam Sitting Black Cat
  • Cockroaches in a bag
  • Wicked Witch Broom
  • Foam Toad Statue
  • Light up Old Lantern
  • 22" Medium Furry Spider

Hanging Faceless Reaper with Lantern

\So who REALLY needs a face? Certainly not this Reaper, whose had the front of his head replaced by a …, well, by a dark void. That’s not scary, is it?
  • Black fabric covers where a face would be
  • Bendable arms, 8" loop fixed to head for hanging
  • Chain and lantern details
  • Body measures approximately 40" high x 32" wide; fabric pieces hang almost 6 feet

The Joker Death of the Family Groundbreaker

Gothem City, London, Tokyo, Dubuque or Decatur, no city is safe from the Joker! Is he back, or did he never actually leave? Has he been buried in your your or under your hose for days, weeks, months, years? Whatever, it now time for him to break out of hiding and, well, you know the rest.
  • Detachable arms and knife
  • Molded plastic

Three Piece Tombstone Kit

So your house just looks too darn average, sitting there among a row of hoses that are virtually indistinguishable. Have we got a solution for you! No one will ever confuse your home with any others in your neighborhood once you easily install a row of tombstones in your front yard. Really - how many of your neighbors live right next to a graveyard?
  • They feature etched phrases like "RIP" and "Rest in Peace" and skull decorations
  • Made out of a foam material and are painted grey and black to look like aged stone
  • Tombstones measure: 20.5" x 14.5", 19.5" x 12.5" and 18.5" x 11"

Hanging Reaper with Sickle

Done with his regular job of welcoming newcomers to the fiery gates of hell, the Hanging Reaper with Sickle will be happy to do the same at your front door - welcoming anyone who approaches your abode, in his own special way.
  • Approx. 38 inches long
  • Plastic skeleton draped in cheesecloth

5.5 Ft Broken Spine Girl Animatronics

You've never seen a case of scoliosis like this before! Creep out your guests when you decorate with the Broken Spine Girl Animated Decoration. This disturbing prop is a child in a scary back-bend position and features light-up eyes, spooky sounds and even creepier motions. Sound and motion activated, this awesome animatronic is footpad compatible and comes complete with a 6V2A adapter. Requires 4 AA batteries.


Five Foot Creepy Rising Doll Animatronics

The Creepy Rising Animated Doll wants to play a little game with you; but you'll have to get close in order to learn how to play! When crouched; this animated decoration speaks in an eerie baby voice, but at it rises to 4.8-feet high, it's voice becomes dark and disturbing to thoroughly creep out your guests. A startling and eerie 60" tall.


Hanging Clown Reaper Decoration

Scare them silly or just scare the living daylights out of them with this Hanging Clown Reaper decoration designed to pose and prank as you see fit. The 35 inch Hanging Reaper Decoration features posable arms and is made of of vinyl, plastic, metal, foam and fabric.


4.5 Foot Animated Hanging Vibrating Shadow Ghost

Better be pretty quiet or you just might “spook” an unbeing. And you wouldn't want to wake the dead, now would you? This Hanging vibrating shadow ghost is sound activated - when it hears some unsuspecting victim coming, it springs to life - its eye light up, sound whirls from its demon mouth and it shakes and vibrates with undead abandon. AA-Batteries included.


See-Thru Sind

See-Thru Sindy is always trying to hide her feelings; but we can see right through her! This horrifying static prop features a blood-covered dress and a decomposing zombie head with red hair. 66.93" tall.


Swinging Swamp Hag Animatronics

Watch in glee as all the cute children are drawn to the Swinging Swamp Hag - Watch as fascinated by her glowing green eyes and wicked cackle they move closer and closer - See her mouth open revealing grimy and pointed rotted teeth as her menacing voice shouts terrifying sayings at those delicious trick or treaters.


Zombie Clown Hanging Head

The elegant, stylish, cosmopolitan Zombie Clown Hanging Head… OK, the horrific, terrifying, flesh eating Zombie Clown Hanging Head (better?) features yellow eyes, a bloody mouth, orange curly hair, and a severed neck, all hanging off a black string.


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