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NEW for 2017 On this page, see the Chopping Brock Animated Butcher, Leg Kicking Clown on Swing, Skeleton Arm Lawn Stakes,
Head, Foot, Hand Outdoor Prop, Reaper Group Set of Three, Five Foot Levitator Girl Animatronics, Six Foot Light Up Devil,
Deranged Bunny Animatronics, Undead Granny Animatronics, Crawling Cathy Animatronics, Haunted Séance Board Animatronics
and the Crawling Cathy Animatronics:

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Chopping Brock Animated Butcher

Ever think of going vegan? Or at least vegetarian? Perhaps the Chopping Brock Animated Butcher will convince you that cutting living things up with a large cleaver is always the best of ideas, especially when conventional food sources are unavailable. Hint, hint.
  • Stands 6 feet tall
  • Animated motion and sound effects
  • Plugs into any wall outlet

Leg Kicking Clown on Swing

Who doesn’t enjoy a turn on a nice swing? Certainly a leg-kicking clown will have the time of YOUR life as he enjoys his exercise, while deciding just how to remove various organs, and a head, from your body.
  • Approximately 30" tall
  • Arms and legs can be posed as desired
  • Clown body is wired to foam trapeze swing w/ black cord for hanging
  • When activated, eyes flash red, legs kick back & forth, & clown makes an evil laugh
  • Requires 3 AA batteries (not included)

Skeleton Arm Lawn Stakes

Arms, skeleton arms no less, reaching up out of the ground - what can possibly say Arbor Day any more succinctly? Oh, or Halloween. Two per set, but why get get several sets to create a skeleton arm fence across your yard? Your neighbors will thank you.
  • Each arm is 20" long w/ attached 4" ground stake
  • Molded plastic w/ realistic paint job
  • A chain attached to the wrist of each arm lets you attach them together

Head, Foot, Hand Outdoor Prop

Not too many neighbors will be trespassing onto your property any longer, despite the lure of your beautiful apple tree and that bright red, ripe fruit, once the ead, Foot, Hand Outdoor Prop is on duty, guarding your precious bounty.
  • Heavy weight props that can be secured with included stakes
  • Props are detailed to look like decomposing body parts
  • Head is 9" tall, Foot is 13" and Hand/arm is 16" approx.

Reaper Group Set of Three

Don’t let the 2016 Reaper conclave meet at the Hilton or the Hyatt when you’ve got a perfectly good lawn just sitting there. Invite them over, serve a beverage, and your enjoy their company on the biggest knight of the year.
  • Each of 3 identical figures is 21" tall & topped w/ 6" diameter skull
  • Each figure is draped with black knit mesh fabric
  • Each post fits into a ground spike which is then inserted into the ground

Five Foot Levitator Girl Animatronics

They found Lacy, or what was left of her, in the street draped in a white cloth. Onlookers described the air as icy cold as her lifeless body began to rise and hovered above the ground, with ghostly wails piercing the stunned silence. People ran so there is no account of what happened to Lacy’s corpse, except that it’s out there, maybe in your house.


Six Foot Light Up Devil

Is that a friend at your door, or someone looking for the gates of hell? Either way, they’ll be thrilled to be greeted by this 72" Light Up Devil. Cloaked in red and black gauze and featuring ever-so realistic hands, his demonic face lights up with maddening glee as his victims tend to utter a scream or three. 2 AA Batteries required.

$49.99 $34.98

Deranged Bunny Animatronics

Nothing is as cute as a little furry bunny wabbit, and our Animated Deranged Bunny is no exception!. If you believe that, we also have a nice bridge for sale. This one habitats in a nice top hat, but put it down in front of your guests, and our pops …. not quite Bugs, but rather a snarling rabbit with bloody fur and teeth and gleaming red eyes. Requires AA batteries.


Undead Granny Animatronics

Undead Granny just wants to make you a meal! She'll have you for dinner if you're so inclined to follow her into the kitchen. This incredibly horrifying animated decoration features decrepit hands and face that make creepy movements, speak spooky phrases and has light-up eyes. 5 feet tall, just like your real granny.


Crawling Cathy Animatronics

Crawling Cathy might not be able to walk or run; but slow and steady wins your face. Try not to get tripped up over this hideous animated decoration. With decomposed hands and head; this spooky animatronic features light-up eyes and a sporadic crawling motion


Haunted Séance Board Animatronics

Featuring a plachette that moves around the board while a mysterious voice speaks ominous sayings, this seance board is sure to freak out not just you and your friends, but also your ancestors that passed away two hundred years ago, and their pets. One piece of good news - batteries ARE included!


Haunted Mansion LED Candle Cluster

The Haunted Mansion LED Candle Cluster features seven LED candles, each with their own flickering, sickening game, perfect for your sitting room, parlor or dungeon! OR, use it to light up the hallway to hell, second door to the left. Batteries included.


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