See a great selection of ghoulish figures, scary creatures, and all sizes and shapes of haunting
Halloween Decorations
including skeletons, spiders, witches, ghosts, monsters, pirates, and bats, along with foggers and lighting, serving pieces, door greeters, a wide selection of airblown inflatables, and so much more, for both indoor and outdoor haunting.

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NEW for 2017 On this page, see the Janglin’ Bones Trio Animatronics, Lil’ Zappy the Clown Prop, Six Foot Limb Ripper Animatronics, Five Foot Interchangeable Toe Tagged Corpse Animatronics, Eight Foot Corrugated Haunted Tree, Roaming Rosie Red Antique Doll Animatronics, Animated Hanging Zombie Torso, Skull Light Up Lantern, Lifesize Decayed Poseable Skeleton, Black Climbing Dead Decoration, Large Animated Ghoul Torso and the Hanging Rotten Skulls

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Janglin’ Bones Trio Animatronics

Nothing, not even death, can stop this group of jazz musicians from playing! Found dead on stage, allegedly the victims of rival musicians, their glowing eyes and haunting songs go on, forever, whether you like it or not. Instruction manual and adapter included.


Lil’ Zappy the Clown Prop

It’s amazing what a little electricity can do to a clown. Watch as Lil’ Zappy connects the wires and has the time of his life, such as it was. See him shake and see his eyes light up, just like you wish would happen to all clowns. Batteries are included.


Six Foot Limb Ripper Animatronics

Stalking the edges of the woods and only looking out at the humans, in all their high-falutin’ glory, hoping one will start from the crowd is no longer enough for the Limb Ripper, he needs to get close and personal, and move in, to YOUR HOUSE! Instruction manual and adapter included.


Five Foot Interchangeable Toe Tagged Corpse Animatronics

Equipped with 2 interchangeable sheets and 2 sets of feet - alien and human, both with coordinating toe tags - your brand new home morgue will be off to a great start, especially as this first client spews forth his alien sounds and heavy breathing. Transforms between human and alien in the snap of a broken finger.


Eight Foot Corrugated Haunted Tree

Transform your home into a haunted forest with the addition of one or more corrugated cardboard eight foot tall Haunted Trees. Let a group of spooky trees be the root of your haunted house this season! Their evil, however, only exists when planted indoors.


Roaming Rosie Red Antique Doll Animatronics

“Truly Frightening” is about all you can say about the Roaming Rosie Red Antique Doll, without FEAR of reprisal, that is! Watch as her eyes glow right into her victims' souls (Your soul, perchance?) and listen carefully as she speaks eerie sayings, such as "There you are! You can’t get rid of me! I’ll be with you for EVER.” Why are you so afraid? This masterful toy will haunt houses for many years to come. Requires 1.5V AA Battery.


Animated Hanging Zombie Torso

One might say that it might not be the best of ideas to inquire of Hank the Zombie, as to ‘how’s it hanging?”, but then again, one may really want to know.
  • Head moves side to side
  • Sound activated
  • LED lights flash red
  • Requires 3 AA batteries (not include)
  • 41" long x 17” wide

Skull Light Up Lantern

Lead the way down the narrow, dark staircase to the basement and its “surprises”, with your Skull Light Up Lantern. OR, lead the unsuspecting up to the attic; yes, the attic, THAT’S the ticket!
  • Foam lantern looks like real metal
  • Attached handle

Lifesize Decayed Poseable Skeleton

Hmm, how to furnish your new living room? A couch, a recliner, a set of coffee and end tables, and… and… a Lifesize Decayed Poseable Skeleton!
  • Plastic skeleton prop features movable limbs and head
  • Drapable tan gauze for decaying effec
  • Stands 60" tall

Black Climbing Dead Decoration

Naw, that upstairs window is safe, no reason to lock it - who would climb up there to get in that way? Uh-Oh.
  • Head, hands & feet are molded styrofoam
  • Wire limbs can be posed as desired; hook on each hand allows hanging
  • Body is draped with cheesecloth robe
  • 5 ft. tall, arm span up to 42" depending on pose

Large Animated Ghoul Torso

Let’s see, what is the home missing? What needs to be added to give it that lived-in, homey look? RIGHT, an Animated Ghoul Torso hanging in from the living room ceiling!
  • 27" tall, arm span up to 48" depending on pose
  • Twine loop on left wrist for hanging
  • Head turns, eyes flash, right arm moves, makes an evil laugh when activated
  • Requires 4 AA batteries (demo batteries included)


Hanging Rotten Skulls

Welcome Mat> Naw, you guests will know they’re in the right place and that they are oh, so welcome, when they see Hanging Rotten Skulls by the entryway, or anywhere inside the house. Hint - The bathroom is a good spot.
  • Molded plastic skulls hang from twisted, tattered cloth strands
  • Twine loop at top for hanging
  • Skulls are different sizes ranging from 4" high to 6" high

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