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NOTHING says home entertaining like stocking your home bar with HIGHLY DISCOUNTED BARWARE, GLASSWARE, FURNISHINGS, and BAR TOOLS! Really, nothing - what could be better? Oh, I guess that you could also buy a whole lot of highly discounted barware, glassware, furnishings and bar tools to give as gifts, to some of your buddies and close relatives, any maybe even that co-worker that you want to cozy up to, and while you're at it, you can also find a really great barware gift for your boss. And, what about that guy that throws those really great parties at HIS home bar, with a jolly crown of fun people, enjoying his liquor, watching the game on his biiiiiig screen super hi def, and telling the funniest jokes of all time? You've wanted an invite FOREVER - how better to ingratiate yourself to him and get an invite to his next blast? With a cool, nifty, barware gift, and he doesn't need to know you got it soooo cheap!
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Belmont Cocktail Glasses and Ice Bucket Set, Set of 7

A great gift or a great addition to your home bar - instant glassware for a nice-sized crowd!
  • SAVE Over 65%!
  • Made from keepsake quality lead-free glass
  • 7 pieces include 6 matching DOF whiskey glasses and glass ice bucket with plastic tongs
  • All pieces are dishwasher safe
Compare at $59.00, Our Limited Time Price Only $19.95

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Belmont Cocktail Glasses and Ice Bucket Set, Set of 7

Man-Sized Shot Glass Chillers

”Man-Sized” Shot Glass Chillers, Set of Four

Four double-shot shooters and a carved soapstone shot glass holder comprise this "Man Sized" shot glass set. So, step up and toss one down!
  • SAVE 60%!
  • 2-oz double-shot shooters
  • Serve ice cold shots by placing the set in the holder all in the freezer
  • Base is 4” x 4” x 2”
Compare at $62.00, Our Limited Time Clearance Price Only $25.00

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”Man-Sized” Shot Glass Chillers, Set of Four

Silver Damask Beverage Bucket

Silver Damask Beverage Bucket

Pile the beverages in and then toss in the ice on top and in between, and you and your guests will have plenty of icy cold libations and soda for great outdoor (or indoor - why not?) get together.
  • Forged from galvanized steel
  • Delicate exterior damask design featuring silver-colored finish
  • Holds approximately 30 bottles and/or cans or eight bottles of wine, or a combination thereof
  • 18” x 13” x 12”
  • Stand sold separately
Compare at $51.00, Our Limited Time Price Only $29.95

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Silver Damask Beverage Bucket

Crystal Champagne Chiller

Mikasa Love Story Crystal Champagne Chiller

The tImeless elegance from Mikasa's Love Story collection will help create a romantic aura for your home bar. 8-1/2" high.

Compare at $72.00, Our Price Only $19.99

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Mikasa Love Story Crystal Champagne Chiller

the PicoBrew New and Special Barware for 2017:
The PicoBrew is the world's first automated home brewing appliance. It uses
biodegradable, hand-made ingredient kits called PicoPaks made from
award-winning recipes from breweries all over the planet to easily brew five liters of
fresh craft beer at home in about two hours without any mess.