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Planning a Halloween Party or do you just want to feel the spirit?

Halloween Shop for 2016
We've added hundreds of selections of new Halloween Decorations, Halloween Music CDs,
Halloween Costumes, Halloween Masks, and Scary Halloween Movies, and more,
to liven up All Hallow's Eve!

It's that time of the year again, the time for ghouls, ghosts, spirits, and zombies to arise and resume their calling of
perpetrating mayhem and blood-curdling evil!

As All Hallow's Eve, the traditional New Year's Eve of Celtic and Anglo-Saxon times, approaches, relive the ancient festival of Samhain, and take your leave to the nearest, highest hilltop, and build the grandest, hottest bonfire possible, to help ward of these evil spirits, or suffer the consequences, as the ghosts of lives past return to visit their ancestral homes, including the home where, just maybe, YOU now reside! The horror may be so great, should you chose to do nothing, that you may find yourself invoking the aid of the Devil himself for assistance, as no other being, dead or alive, may possibly suffice to ward off the power and terror and evil purpose, of the witches and hobgoblins and demons of all sizes and shapes that will be rising as the sun sets.

Placate the impending evils by setting a dinner place for the dead and hope it is a kindly uncle whose spirit returns and not the blood thirsty evil fiend who sliced open that uncle's throat as he slept that warm summer eve not so long ago. Leave offerings of your tastiest morsels at the doorsteps of the suspected liars of spirits and faeries, and as you walk through the dark night do so with your clothing turned inside-out to fool the spirits! Will such chicanery suffice to keep you alive to see yet another Halloween?
Only the spirits can answer.

You have two options, relax, sit back, and "enjoy", until the bitter, painful, agonizing end, or FIGHT BACK!
The choice is yours to make.

PERFECT for the Halloween Season:

Halloween Graveyard Checks

Halloween Graveyard Checks

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Halloween Witch Checks

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What would Halloween be without scary stories of ghouls, ghosts, spirits and unexplainable happenings? Just another day, that's what! So, pour a nice beverage, find a comfortable seat, sit back, and enjoy perusing our collection of stories that defy explanation, and get your heart racing, just a little bit, as you contemplate whether or not these erie tales just might not be fiction, but fact.

Wine Dude
Ghost Stories: San Diego’s Horton Grand Hotel: While no scandalous or murderous event has ever occurred at the Horton Grand Hotel, stories abound of ghosts now frequenting the establishment, stories of ghosts that sat in wait for years and years, having met their humanly ends in now long gone buildings who found a new home in the resurrected hotel.., more
Wine Dude
Ghost Stories: Albuquerque’s Desert Sands Motel: Various accounts have circulated from a stay at the Desert Sands Motel in February of 2001, where two young women, aged 19 and 20, spent an unforgettable night. On their way to Phoenix, they needed a cheap place to stay for one night, and room 109 of the Desert Sands fit the bill.., more
Wine Dude
Ghost Stories: Living With Kenneth: A well-credentialed (if there is such a thing) ghost hunter tells the story of one client who had called him to her home one chilly evening in the mid 1980s to investigate a series of events in her home, events that seemed to have no rational explanation., more
Wine Dude
Ghost Stories: The Maco Light: A few miles inland from the Atlantic Ocean and a few short miles from the city of Wilmington lies the tiny unincorporated community of Maco, North Carolina. Many tall tales, outrageous legends, and ghost stories have emanated from the coastal area of eastern North Carolina, but none as mysterious or compelling as the story of the Maco Light, and the ghost of a man named Baldwin., more
Wine Dude
Ghost Stories: Emporia, Kansas and Emporia State University: In searching out stories of the unexplained and unexplainable, I came across a wealth of information describing unusual events in and around the town of Emporia, Kansas, including many not directly related to the somewhat famous "haunting" of Emporia State University and its Albert Taylor Hall, more
Wine Dude
Halloween Superstitions and Romance: A surprising number of Halloween superstitions revolve around romance, and of those, many have to do with predicting the future romance, love, and marriage of wishful thinking young women. Rituals developed that bestowed amazing powers of clairvoyance upon mundane objects from fruits to nuts and more, and normally boring workaday tasks, more

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