The Ghost of Dorset

It was not very long ago when a television crew traveled to south west England and the county of Dorset. Their purpose was to film a commercial for an automobile company. What they ended up filming was far, far different from that.

They chose a curving, country road, and set up their equipment on a hillside above that road, and after tracking out the course a driver would take, showing off the new car in action, they were ready to film their commercial. The driver completed his route without incident, and the camera crew got it all on tape. It was not until afterward when the director and editor viewed their work, that they saw what had actually been filmed.

When you view the video below, keep a special watch on the side of the moving car where you should see a white mist, with a ghostly aura. It you turn the volume up, you can even hear a member of the crew gasp as he saw the brief, unworldly presence.

Later on, the crew found out that they had been filming at a location where a grizzly death had occurred but a year earlier.

Watch the video and you be the judge as to what was filmed:

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