A Better Way for Home Brewers: The PicoBrew

Home brewers, or those of you who are considering beginning to brew your own, this is for you! As you know, or as you are learning, it sounds great, but it is also is a) a lot of work, b) time consuming, c) complicated requiring a lot of knowledge and measuring and
calculating, and d) afterwards, there is a lot of clean up involved (not to mention the sterilization you need to do beforehand).

Just take a look to the right at this small sample all of the very basic equipment that you need just to get started. Also bear in mind that you need room to spread this all out - that is a lot different then just displaying it on the dining room table. It would be a bit messy to do your brewing there. No, you would need to take over a whole swath of space in the kitchen, or maybe do it in the bathroom (yuck), or you could build a brew
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room, just like the real guys have. So, go ahead and add e) a place to do your brewing to the list.

But now there is an easier way, a less intrusive way, a less messy way, a way to brew your own fresh craft beer, using just a little bit of space in that crowded kitchen, without having to study beer science to figure out proportions, timing, ratios, balance, and all that stuff, not to mention shopping for not just the equipment, but also for the raw ingredients. Just where to you go to buy hopes and barely? Better add that to the list as item f).

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No, you can forget about that pile of equipment, forget about going to the not-so-nearby hopes and barley store, forget about measuring, calculating, pouring, tasting, and hoping for the best. Now, with PicoBrew, the world's first automated home brewing appliance the work, the guesswork, the science, and the mistakes, are all eliminated.

PicoBrew uses biodegradable, hand-made ingredient kits called PicoPaks made from award-winning recipes from breweries from all over the world. The folks at PicoBrew select these great
craft brew recipes, and put together the pre-made kits that contain just the right amount of each ingredient, and seal them up so that you never have to decide which ingredient to use, or how much to use, or when to add it to the brew. And you never have to touch any of that stuff, just place the kit into your PicoBrew and the appliance does it all for you!

The folks at PicoBrew offer dozens of great beer recipes, all put together in their PicoPaks, ready for you to select the beer(s) of your choice.

You can see more information about the PicoBrew in our New and Special Barware - 2017 Section, and you'll also find a great informative video showing just how easy it all is, not to mention how mess-free it all is. Plus you can see a small sample of some of the many great craft beer PicoPaks that are available.

So, home brewers, and prospective home brewers, there is an easier, mess-free way to have your choice of great, fresh, delicious home brews at your fingertips! Check it out in our New and Special Barware - 2017 section.

NEW: Amish-Built Top-Quality Game Tables

Brand new to the Game Tables section of our Bar Furniture and Furnishings Department are top-quality Foosball and Billiard Pool Tables built by Amish craftsmen in Ohio and Indiana. From a vendor that contracts directly with over 150 different craftsmen that harvest, construct, finish and package solid wood handcrafted Amish built furniture, we now have as featured products these home bar game tables that are built to last more than a lifetime, proving entertainment to family and friends from one generation to the next.
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The Amish Classic Mission Billiard Pool Table features mortise and tenon joinery and Mission slatted sides, and is available in a variety of woods, stains, and finishes.

The Amish Signature Mission Foosball Table features chromed steel rods, a laminate playing surface, and the playing table lifts off for easy moving and future game board upgrades, and also has available wide choices in woods, stains and finishes.
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Each of these great, quality game tables is currently available at a great discount sales price. See more now!

Updating the Choosing of the right Beer Glass

Back in 2006, we wrote our original article Choosing a Beer Glass, based on the following question and answer: Does the shape and size of the glass actually influence the taste of beer? The answer is yes.

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     Since that time, a new addition to the world of beer glasses, the IPA glass, has been added, and we recently updated our Choosing a Beer Glass article to include a description of the new IPA glass.

The IPA, or American Indian Pale Ale, was first developed and introduced by the Spiegelau division of Riedel, and now most major glassware manufacturers produce their own versions, such as the popular Luigi Bormioli Birrateque IPA Glass that we offer. Luigi Bormioli Birrateque glasses feature the company;s Foam Control System (FSC) that helps to maintain a
fine and persistent stream of bubbles to reinvigorate the foamy head.

Today, we have also included a new addition to our selections of Beer Glasses, Mugs and Steins in our Glassware and Accessories Department - the British Half Pint Glass.

Not too common but thoroughly enjoyable, the half-pint glass generally holds 10 imperial ounces, for the modest drinker who enjoys the
taste of beer but who likes to have only a wee bit served at a time. We offer three different versions of the Half Pint Glass, a Half Pint Tulip Glass, the Nonix British Half Pint Beer Glass from Bormioli Rocco, and a nifty Thumbs Up Half Pint Glass, that is not a smaller glass, but that actually is one-half of a whole glass. The Thunbs Up glass creates a fascinating optical illusion - looking at it straight ahead, it looks like a regular beer glass, full of your favorite brew, but turn it 90º and you see the magic - a glass that is in reality half a glass!     
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Make sure that you have the proper glass for your choice of beer, and your enjoyment will improve considerably.

Massive New Updates - 100s and 100s of New Products

We've just completed a massive update throughout Nifty-Home-Bar.com now have available hundreds and hundreds of new products, found throughout our site. Also, our Halloween Shop has been totally updated just in time for the Halloween season. We've got an all-new lineup of Halloween Decorations, Halloween Costumes, and Halloween Masks, and more new stuff is on their way.

To make room for all of our new products, we've eliminated al lot of the old, and in doing so many of our old blog posts became very out of date and we've made the decision to wipe out all of our old posts and start fresh - and here is our first new blog post, which is short, sweet, and to the point.